Canon Printer Setup

A Detailed Guide for Performing Canon Printer Setup Efficiently

Printers have rapidly become an essential part of people’s daily life. They not only help individuals to carry out basic office tasks but also personal ones. Canon is one such printer brand that has made its presence felt in the market for long. It manufactures a range of printing devices, like laser printers and regular printers. However, when you purchase this device from Canon, you need to set it up first properly.

For an average person, the process of canon printer setup may seem a bit confusing. It’s because there are various steps involved in it. But now you can shed this worry of yours. In this long guide, you’ll find everything you need to know about setting it up correctly. The stepwise explanation will ensure that you carry out this process with minimal problems.


Initial Steps for Canon Printer Setup

Before going into detail about canon wireless printer setup, you need to unbox and assemble it correctly. Here is the exact procedure you need to follow.

  1. Canon printer usually comes in a cardboard box that’s sealed. Take away all the packaging material and tapes from it.
  2. Take out the printer from the box and put it on a sturdy surface. Refer to the printer specification list to see if all the printer components that are required for the setup are there.
  3. You can also go online to see the printer specifications. Take off the printer’s upper lid to find protective tapes on its internal parts.
  4. Take them off gently. Ensure that while you’re peeling them off, there’s no damage to the various parts of the printer.
  5. Some printers already have the ink cartridges installed. If you find that they aren’t, find them in the printer package.
  6. Slide the cartridges into their slot. Push them gently until they come into their position.
  7. Plug the power cord into the wall socket. Don’t use extension boxes and surge protectors to connect the cord.
  8. For linking with a personal device, a USB cable is used. You can also turn a USB connection into a wireless one.
  9. You can link your printer to a smooth internet connection. Switch on the router and use the printer’s ‘Control Panel’ to locate the home network. Collect all the things needed for establishing a network to the system, like passwords and SSID.
  10. After setting up the hardware, install the printer driver to link it to the personal device. Your canon setup will finish after the printer driver or software gets installed on your PC.
  11. You’ll find a setup CD in the package. It consists of important software files. Mount it on the disc drive and open it. Find the setup file and then run it.


The Various Methods for Wireless Canon Printer Setup

The two primary methods that are used in wireless connection are the WPS (Wi-Fi Protected Setup) method and the standard connection method. When you want to set your Canon printer up, you can make use of any of these methods. But ensure that your printing device can connect to the internet before you proceed.


WPS Setup Connection Method

Windows and Mac users can use the WPS method for canon setup printer process. The wireless router consists of a push-button for WPS. First, see the wireless connection settings on your system, and after that, enable WEP security. Follow these steps to link your Canon printer to Wi-Fi.

  1. Turn on your printer and keep the router close to it so that you can reach the WPS button.
  2. Hold the button of Wi-Fi on your printer till the light switches on.
  3. Wait for two minutes, and then press the WPS button.
  4. You will notice a blue Wi-Fi light during the process of network search. When the connection to a wireless network is made, you will find the power and Wi-Fi lights becoming still.
  5. To see the connectivity, you can print a page.

That’s it. You have completed the process of connecting your Canon printing device to the Wi-Fi network.


Standard Setup

If there’s no WPS push-button on your router, you can still establish a printer network connection. You can perform the standard setup process for establishing a connection between the router and the printer. Keep reading to know how to setup canon printer through this method.

  1. Power on the printer and tap on the icon of ‘Settings.’
  2. Go down in the displayed list and choose the option of ‘LAN Settings.’
  3. For installing the printer on a wireless network, choose the option of ‘Wireless LAN Setup.’
  4. Now you’ll view several choices for Wi-Fi connection. Find the option of ‘Standard Setup’ and choose it.
  5. If your router is set up properly and has its power on, the printer will show its name in a couple of minutes. Choose your network’s name, and you will see the passphrase screen.
  6. Remember that passwords are case-sensitive. So, be alert while you are entering it.
  7. To finish the process of canon wireless printer setup, tap ‘OK.’


How to Install Network Printer for Windows and iOS?

You can link your Canon printer to a network through wired or wireless methods. The steps for installing the network printer for both Windows and Mac are given below.



There are only a few steps you need to install the network printer for Windows. Open the ‘Control Panel’ and follow these steps.

  1. Choose ‘Devices and Printers.’ Tap ‘Add a Printer.’
  2. Select ‘Add a network, wireless, or Bluetooth printer.’
  3. Choose your wireless printer from the displayed list. Tap’ Next.’
  4. Next, install the drivers. Your system should be linked to the internet. If there is no internet connection, make use of the CD that came with your purchase.



Like Windows, you can install a network printer for your Apple device too. Adhere to the instructions below to setup canon printer.

  1. Tap on the Apple menu and choose ‘System Preferences.’
  2. Open for the option of ‘Print and Fax.’
  3. Press the ‘+’ symbol for adding your printing device.
  4. Choose your network printer.
  5. Tap ‘Add.’ Your network printer is properly installed in iOS. You can conduct printing processes from your iPhone or iPad.


How to Download Driver for Canon Printer Setup

After you have correctly setup your Canon printer, you need to download the printer driver. It is crucial for executing the printing operation. For downloading it, navigate to Type in your product model. You’ll see the download link on the screen. Tap on it to commence the procedure of the printer setup file download.


Steps to Install the Driver for Canon Printer

Now, the last step is to install the driver software. Go through the installation steps below.

  1. Tap the setup file of the printer driver to open it.
  2. Permit the pop-up box that appears on your screen to give the application the administrative rights to begin the Canon printer setup installer.
  3. You’ll see a prompt on the primary window with a language tab. Here you can choose your preferred language.
  4. Now you’ll view numerous screens that will ask you to connect your computer and printer, your desired software, license agreement review, etc.
  5. Complete every step to progress with the printer setup process.
  6. The installation will also start at this time. Upon completion, tap ‘Close.’


Final Words

Now you can confidently execute canon printer setup by yourself. Unbox and assemble the printer parts. You can use any method for wirelessly setting your Canon printer, either the WPS setup connection or the standard setup. The steps for installing the network printer on both Windows and iOS are also relatively easy to implement. Finally, install the right driver for your printer model. Get in touch with expert Canon printer customer support if you require any extra assistance during this process.

Printers have rapidly become an essential part of people’s daily life. They not only help individuals to carry out basic office tasks but also personal ones. Canon is one such printer brand that has made its presence felt in the market for long. It manufactures a range of printing devices, like laser printers and regular…

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