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10 Reasons Why You Need MS office 365 setup

New Apps

The updated Office package came with the installed MS Office Setup. The applications already have in your system when you get the setup of MS Office is MS word, excel, PowerPoint, and outlook. Office 365 goes beyond those essential applications and adds Skype, OneDrive, Microsoft team, yammer, and SharePoint for your business. It has also loads of fruitful services such as Delve, Power BT, Sway, Stream, Planner, Flow, and Forms. All these additional fundamental tools make Office 365 more powerful than its previous version of Office Setup.



Office 365 can be frequently installed on your personal computer as it has a portable feature but it is needed to run online versions of all the office applications. With the Active Directory Credentials, each user has an access to the link From this official portal, you will be able to freely access Mail, Contents, your Calendar, or create and edit documents online for Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and other apps. The online ability provides you the transferable feature by which you can use the application anywhere or any of your operating devices.


Sharing with other users is the keystone of using Office 365 Online. All the applications are specially designed to effort-freely share the documents internally as well as externally. You can even manage the created documents live and see other users edit in real-time. But first, you have to ensure that you are using an Online Excel version or the Word or PowerPoint or other apps online. Further, you even can give a click on the Share button to enter the name of someone’s email address whom you want to share with, your documents. You may even also directly send them a copy of the link or attach this as an Outlook email and send it to them in such a way. Once they access that file, they will also be able to access the same attachment that you are sharing.


Admin Center

The support for Office Setup is handled by the admin center. As an administrator, you can add and remove users, manage groups, handle billing information, submit support tickets directly to Microsoft, manage security settings, view report statics, check report on security and compliance, and at the end will also be able to look at the health dashboard to see how Office 365 App Setup and connectivity is working.


Office 365 has an award-winning security service. In addition to malware and spam filtering, you can enable protection using data loss presentations, multi-factor authentication, advanced threat protection, safely audit logging, and monitor all these threats from the threat manager dashboard. Microsoft 365/setup provides all these tools built-in with your Office 365 licensing and it is often much more protective than what you can implement on-premise in your own environment.

Reduced Risks

Your MS Office 365 Setup environment is hosted in the cloud using Azure. Microsoft takes better care of all the data center requirements. It patches servers automatically and thus taking the load far away from IT staff. Active Directory is synced from your on-premise servers to Azure and is even present when an on-premise active directory can’t be reached. It is not required to build the redundancy in your on-premise environment. It is managed by Microsoft only for you in the cloud. You can create secondary DR sites in Azure to secure your data and online services remain even after an internet connection is getting disrupted from the localized event. However, all these features reduce the risk to disruption and data loss.


When MS office 365 Setup in your system, the plenty of files storage capacity service will be proffered. You can save the immense files in your system without any data loss. OneDrive provides a storage capacity of up to 5 TB, depending on your enterprise license. There is no involvement of the IT Support team in order to manage the storage space locally and because of this fact they are much happy. Once the user account gets disabled, files can be archived or they will automatically be deleted after 30 days. And because these files are stored in the cloud, you don’t have to worry about losing your personal information or essential data in case your laptop is damaged or misplaced. You can recover your data within a second from Google Cloud.

Automated Updates

You are not needed to install the updates on each machine or push out updates using group policy, system center configuration manager, or similar management tools. All office 365 updates are automatic just like windows updates. As an admin, you can choose to set up users on the standard release or on a targeted release.

User Self-Management

With on-premise file storage and exchange server facility, everything must be managed by your IT team. Shared files, locations, email distribution lists, archiving, and security groups must be created and maintained directly by IT technicians. With office 365, this functionality can be self-managed. It shifts the convenience and the responsibilities to the users. Users can create groups; assign members, set up teams, all without requesting these services from the IT Support professional. In simple, you can handle the applications came with Office 365 software package on your own.

Visit the Link To Get The Process Of Downloading


Follow the lower given steps to easily download the Office 365 Setup in your Windows operating system. Let’s start:

  • Browse on the search bar of any of your favorite search engines.
  • Now you need to clock on the sign-in button.
  • Type your email id and password at the required place.
  • There is an option to stay signed in, so it depends on you if you are accessing your office account several times and you may want to remember your device so you may select yes. If you do not want your username and password to be remembered on the device, in that case, you can select no.
  • You will get to see the office dashboard.
  • Now we need to install office 365.
  • Click on the install office button. It will provide you a small set of installers on your screen.
  • Click the Open button.
  • The setup will start getting ready.
  • Installation process will begin.
  • The installation process will complete successfully after some time.

Signing-In To Office Account Via

  • Enter the URL login on the search bar of any of your favorite web browser
  • Select the “sign-in” button in order to login to your account.
  • Now you are required to enter the activation code in the given field. The activation code is supposed to            be of 25 digits.
  • Enter your country name and language specifications appropriately.
  • Click on the “install” button to start the downloading of your purchased office product.
  • Click on “run”. After this step, the setup will be installed on your device. This process will take time.

Downloading Office 365 Setup For Mac Devices

  • Browse the site “ mac” on any browser
  • Click on the “Sign-in” button
  • Login to your account with correct credentials
  • Click on the “Install” button
  • Type product key to MS Office
  • Again click on the Install button
  • Your setup will be downloaded within a couple of minutes