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Easy And Simple Canon Printer Setup

Just bought a new Canon Printer and need help with setting it up? You’ve come to the right place. If you are one of those who think that printer setups are daunting and take a lot of time, then you gotta know that you’ve been living a life of a lie. Setting up a printer is as easy as setting up a Smartphone, but only if you know the best way to do it. Once, you’ll set up your Canon printer successfully, you’ll realize there was nothing to be afraid of when it won’t bite you at the end. However, it is always good to be a bit careful but even in case you end up making a mistake, it’s not like you can’t fix it.

Want to know how to set up a Canon Printer without actually banging your head on the wall? Keep reading, you’ll find all the answers yourself.

How Do I Setup Canon Printer From Scratch

There’s no reason you should worry much about setting up a new Canon printer as it can be done in five simple steps. If you follow the procedure as mentioned, you won’t face any issue with the at any step. Let’s know what are these six Canon Printer setup steps:

Unbox Your Canon Printer

Yeah! That’s pretty obvious. The first step towards the Canon printer setup is taking the printer machine and its parts out of the box. Make sure you place it somewhere safe, dry, and clean. It would be better if you place it near a switchboard so that you won’t have to use an extension board. Next, you need to remove all the packaging paper and tapes from the Printer machine and other parts. Once, you’ve unboxed everything and removed the packaging from all of it, you can move to the next step and assemble the printer parts now.

Let’s Start Your Printer

Once you have unboxed your canon printer it's time to turn it on and place all the printer parts together. Take out the printer power cord, untangle it, and plug it to your printer. Connect the power cord to the nearby switchboard and turn it on from the main source. Once you have switched the main button on, it’s time to turn on the Canon printer from the power button of the device. Click on the power button on your printer and then select your printer settings from the LED screen on your device. First, you’ll be asked to set your language and some other details probably. After that, you will be prompted to install printer cartridges, before you click on the installed button, insert the cartridges at their places one by one. For help, you can check your printer manual or you can click on the button “how to install printer cartridges” on your Printer screen. Make sure you have unpacked the Canon printer cartridge first and also removed the cover from it.

Once, you have installed all the printer cartridges, click OK on your printer. Wait a while until your Printer processes everything and then move to the next step when you see the next prompt. Complete with the remaining settings by following your on-screen steps i.e by aligning the printer, and then loading the paper A4 size paper sheets into it.

Download Canon Printer Drivers

Download Canon Printer Drivers Before you connect your Canon printer with your PC, you are required to download printer drivers on your device. This can be done from easily. All you need is to visit the website and from there with a single click, you can download all the necessary Canon printer drivers for your Windows or Mac computer. You might have to provide some of your devices or printer details like your Windows OS or macOS version, your printer model, etc. before you get started with the printer driver downloading procedure, make sure that you have an active internet connection. Once, you are done downloading all the necessary Canon printer drivers, you can move on to the next, step i.e. connecting your printer to your PC.

Connect It To Your Device

Depending on your printer type, you need to connect it with your PC or Smartphone. If it is a wireless printer, you can connect it with your computer by using the WPS Pin or WPS button on your printer. If it is a wired printer, you can connect it either using a USB cable or ethernet cable to your PC or any other device. Once you connect the USB cable to your PC, you can simply follow the instructions on your computer screen to know what to do next. However, if you need assistance with more assistance, you can read our self-help guides to know how to establish a connection between your printer and computer. You can also consult our Canon Printer experts for any help regarding the for mac or Windows.

After connecting your printer machine to your PC or Smartphone, you are ready to print, scan, fax, or whatever you want to do with it. You might want to start with printing a test page, to see if your Canon printer setup is successful.

What Do We Offer?

When we say that we can help you set up your Canon printer, what do we exactly mean by it? It means that we can help you with whatever that might be concerning you with your Canon printer. Be it driver installation issue, printing issues, paper jams, or the entire setup help, we are here for all of it. You just need to say the word and we will fix your problem in a jiffy. The best part about HowDoISetup is that you don’t need to go anywhere and everything can be done right where you are. We provide online assistance only so if you need any help you can either connect to our printer experts through live chat or directly give us a call. Our primary motive is to help you out and we’ll do it any way possible.

Given below are the issues we can help you with:

Get setup help for your Canon printer devices from scratch. Let our skilled printer experts resolve all your printer issues whether it is with setting up a new printer or troubleshooting an old Canon printer device.

Canon Wireless Printer Setup

Just bought a new Canon Wireless printer or facing any sort of trouble with your old or not so old wireless printer, you can always count on our skilled printer experts for help. There's no issue or situation that our Canon printer experts can't fix or handle, you just got to give us a try. Don't wait, give us a call or leave us a message right now.

Printer Driver Download & Installation

Downloading or installing Canon printer drivers won't be a fuss now. You can find easy Canon printer driver setup steps on our blogs page or consult our printer experts for help. If you prefer, our experts can process the setup on their own or provide you with the easy steps to ease your tasks, whatever you like. But for that, you have to reach us first and tell us about the printer issue. Ijet Setup

Setting up a Canon printer becomes even easier when done using ijet setup. All you need is to visit the ijet setup portal and follow the on-screen instructions. It will lead you to the Canon printer driver setup and then also help you with other tasks like scanning, faxing, or printing.

Why Choose HowDoISetup For Canon Printer Setup?

We said Canon printer setup is a bit daunting so we can help you make it easy and fun but hey aren't there many other sites that can offer you the same? No, there's no one like HowDoISetup and never can be. However, you might find some other sites who claim to help you with your printers but it can never be as effective as HowDoISetup. Because at HowDoISetup we hire only trained as well as experienced printer experts who know Canon printers inside out. you can always be sure that your printer is in good hands and you will not return dissatisfied.

Given below are the reasons why you should use HowDoIDownload for

Easy To Understand Solutions

HowDoISetup provides you with easy to understand printer solutions. The guides and blogs are written with new printer users in mind and can be easy to follow for any non-tech savvy person. If you wish to fix your printer issue on your own, then you can head to our blog section and find the related guide there for solutions. However, if the solutions for your printer or printer issue are not available then don't lose hope and contact our printer experts for help.

Highly Skilled Printer Experts

Because you are getting help from highly skilled printer experts, it lets you be calm that your printer is safe in good hands. You can reach us for any issue or error with your Canon Printer and it will be fixed in a jiffy by our printer experts.

Available Twenty-Four-Seven

Doesn't matter if it's day or night, there is no limit to our work timings. We work 24/7 to ensure that we are available to you whenever you need us. You can simply dial our Canon Printer Setup number to get connected with our professionals whenever you experience any issue with your printer.