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How To Setup Windows 10 Efficiently – A Complete Guide

Have you recently purchased a new PC and are in the process of unwrapping it? Undoubtedly, the whole process of taking away the protective plastic layer and switching it on must feel immensely exhilarating. But you also need to follow specific rules before you start operating your Windows 10 machine. It’s essential to know how to set up Windows 10 properly so that you can work optimally. With a newly formatted system drive, you will have to begin by installing Windows 10. After you download its installer files and create a bootable USB drive, it’s time to set it up and enjoy the experience.


How to Set up Windows 10? Steps to Follow 

There is a proper sequence of steps that you should follow for setting up Windows 10. When you follow the sequence, you will be able to use your new PC efficiently.

Inspect the Network, Windows Edition and Activation Status

Most of the steps in the sequence need you to have a good internet connection. So, ensure that you check your internet connection. When you buy a new computer, which has the Windows 10 Creators Update preinstalled or even if you perform a fresh install, you will be graced by the site of a revised Out of Box Experience (OOBE). As part of it, you will select your account, link to a wireless network, select a language and modify the privacy settings.

When you step through OOBE, Windows 10 setup will utilize a current wired connection or ask for your wireless network credentials. After the setup is finished, go to the ‘Settings’ and then choose ‘Network & Internet.’ Then select ‘Status.’ When you notice a display that reads ‘You are connected to the internet‘, you’re good to go.

Next, confirm that you have installed the right Windows edition and that it is activated properly by navigating to ‘Settings.’ Then go to ‘Update & Security.’ After that, select ‘Activation.’


Set the Multi-Factor Authentication 

If you’re planning to setup Windows 10 on a device that’s dealt with by your corporate IT team, you will have to adhere to their instructions. But if you’re doing it on your personal system, you can make use of a free Microsoft account.

Now, set up 2-step verification to safeguard the account from being attacked by anyone who steals your username and password. This setting is also called two-factor authentication or multi-factor authentication. It makes it quite challenging for the hacker to access your account. When you install the Microsoft Authenticator app and connect it to your account, the next time you set up your account on any device, you can easily skip over the password and sign-in process. You only have to answer the prompt on your device.

Switch On the Bit Locker Encryption

An important step that you need to know when learning how to set up Windows 10 is encryption. When you encrypt your system drive’s content, you save your valuable content on your PC from getting stolen. Encrypt your entire device, so all its content is always accessible to only you.

For encryption tools in the Windows business editions, Microsoft makes use of the Bit locker brand name. A limited subset of the Bit locker device, encryption functionality is also present in Windows 10 home edition. But you have to sign in with your MS account.

Update Your Windows 

After logging into Windows, the first and important thing that you must do is download and install all the Windows 10 updates that are available. Open the ‘settings‘ and go down in its menu till you view ‘Updates and Security.’ Tap on it and then click on ‘Check For Updates.’ This procedure will take some time. When you tap on the ‘Check For Updates’ button, and it displays that there is nothing available, it means that the updates are installed.

Inspect Your Drivers 

Windows 10 finds the driver quite well. However, at times, it pulls an average one that doesn’t perform well. Drivers function to communicate with your device in the manner in which it can use its hardware components. You can locate all the drivers in the ‘Device Manager.’ You can find it in the control panel of your system.

When you are doing that, watch out for any generic devices. Right-tap on it and choose ‘Update Driver.’ You need to communicate to Windows to automatically search for drivers. It must find the ones that it requires. Updating drivers is an important part of the Windows 10 setup. But suppose your Windows isn’t able to locate the relevant drivers. In that case, you need to visit the manufacturer’s website and start downloading them yourself.


Setup the Default Web Browser and Password Manager 

Microsoft Edge is a great alternative for the popular browser Google Chrome. For making the new browser as default, navigate to ‘Settings’, and then go to ‘Apps.’ After that, select ‘Default Apps.’ Below the heading of ‘Web Browser’, check that the browser you prefer is there.

If you don’t find it, tap the icon for the existing default and select your browser. Scroll to the end part of the page and tap ‘Set defaults by app.’ Select your web browser and then tap ‘Manage.’ Now, review the various file types to align with your preferences. Here remember that you should also have a backup browser apart from Microsoft Edge. Download one and then log into it and sync your bookmarks and extensions.

Set up the extension for the password manager. Using a password manager is a critical part of knowing how to set up Windows 10. It’s an essential security precaution on your part.


Configure Windows 10 Cloud Storage

The One Drive client that presently supported Windows 10 versions consists of functionality that’s called Files On-Demand. It facilitates you to keep every file in the cloud and still handle them via File Explorer.

To configure the options for this functionality, right-tap on the One Drive icon and tap ‘Settings.’ Navigate to its tab and tap for confirming the Files On-Demand box. When the option is enabled, the folders you choose will come up in the local One Drive folder. But they will get stored in the cloud. Right-tap on a file from File Explorer and select the ‘Always Keep On This Device’ option if you wish the selection to be present without waiting for a download.

Install Cloud-Based Apps

Microsoft 365 is a critical add-on to Windows 10. You should get an Office 365 subscription. It’s good for the upgraded One Drive cloud storage. It also unlocks all the functionalities in web-based apps.


Configure Email and Calendar Accounts

After you have installed Office 365, you can access MS Outlook. When you run it, you need to input your email accounts. It’s important to add your email accounts to the pre-built Mail & Calendar client in Windows 10. Also, add in your Gmail account and configure the option to synchronize only your calendar and contacts.

Setup Local Account

As mentioned before, you need to have a good internet connection when you want to setup Windows 10. In Windows 10, you have two methods to sign in. You can log in through a Microsoft account and a local account. The setup of Windows 10 only gives you the option of setting up a Microsoft account when you are linked to the internet. If you aren’t connected, the setup will, by default, become a local account.

A local account doesn’t have the modern functionalities of Windows 10 like PC syncing and two-factor authentication. In it, you also need to set up a hint when you don’t remember your password.


Summing Up

The procedure for how to setup Windows 10 may take some time, but it is worth it if you want to work on your PC properly. Start by inspecting the network, Windows edition, and activation status. Next, set the multi-factor authentication. It’s also important for you to switch on the Bit locker encryption and update your Windows. Inspecting your drivers is another important part. In case you get confused at some point, get in touch with expert Microsoft Windows customer support.

Have you recently purchased a new PC and are in the process of unwrapping it? Undoubtedly, the whole process of taking away the protective plastic layer and switching it on must feel immensely exhilarating. But you also need to follow specific rules before you start operating your Windows 10 machine. It’s essential to know how…

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