Looking For HP Printer Setup? Give Access To Link 123.hp.com/setup

In the current era of technical world, printing machine is on high demand among the individuals as well as professionals. There are numbers of brand launching printer device but when we talk about the reliability and the high-quality printing solution, HP Printer would be the most preferable one. When we purchase HP printer for home or office premises, the very beginning we need to do is to setup the printer via accessing 123.hp.com/setup. This is the general guide that aims to give better information regarding setting up the new HP Printer. When anybody give an access to the provided link, will get to do the following tasks in an easiest form:

  • Frequently will be able to download and install the HP Printer software and driver
  • Can easily create an HP account and register the printer
  • Able to connect the HP printer to Wi-fi
  • HP Printer users will get effectual ideas for loading paper, installing ink cartridges

If anyone needs additional help for HP printer setup, can visit 123.hp.com.

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The Required Things To Start Printer Setup:

  • Need an USB or Ethernet cable for wired connections. But if having a wireless printer, need Wi-Fi Network settings for that
  • Power cable
  • Ink cartridges
  • Stack of A-4 size White Paper

Before Begin To Setup An HP Printer:

  • Make sure the printer device is unboxed
  • Power cable is well-connected to the port
  • Ink cartridges are properly installed into its slot
  • Plain White paper is appropriately inserted into the paper tray
  • Print heads are aligned in an accurate manner

NOTE: Do not connect the printer to your operating device until you are instructed to do so. As connecting the printer too early may result in the software that it does not recognize your printer during printing.

Setup, Install And Connect HP Printer Via 123.hp/setup

Here you will find the perfect guidelines for printer 123.hp/setup. You will learn in a right way to setup a wireless HP Printer in Android, MacOS, or Windows. Therefore, keep your eyes feast over the post!

Effectual Ways For HP Printer Setup in Windows

From Windows, you have to setup your HP Printer and further connect it to your wireless home or business network. Once the device gets connected to the wireless network, you need to download and install the application for HP Printer. All you need to do is to glimpse of the below guided instructions in order to more efficiently setup your HP Printer using HP Easy Start in Windows. Let’s begin:

First gather the following materials and information:

  • A Windows computer that is properly connected to the wireless network in which you want to connect your HP printer
  • An HP Printer, turned on, and in a ready state
  • An active internet connection
  • And the wireless password or key

Now, for an easy installation, connect your printer to the network or restore Setup Mode. When you first time turn-on your printer, the setup mode gets activated

For Printers Without A Touch Display, press the Cancel button to wake-up the printer from Sleep mode

  • Next, press and hold the “Wireless and Cancel” buttons together for five seconds. If you are using a LaserJet Pro Printers, then press and hold the “Wireless” button until the Ready and Attention lights blink at the same time
  • Now, release the button to restore the Setup Mode
  • For Printers With A Touch Display, you need to first go to the Wireless or Network Settings menu
  • And then select “Restore Network Settings” tab or “Restore Network Defaults” tab
  • For Printers With Front-Edge Lighting, you need to press and hold the “Wi-Fi” button for five seconds
  • Once the printer’s network settings get reset, the front-edge lighting starts rotating
  • Well, some older printers might not support Setup Mode, so you need to connect it with network manually
  • For printers with a touch display, use the Wireless Setup Wizard in a way to connect your printer to the network
  • For older printers without a touch display, you only require to press and hold the Wireless button on your printer for five seconds or until the wireless light blinks
  • And then after couple of minutes, press and hold the Wi-Fi Protected Setup or WPS button on your router for five seconds

HP Printer Software Installation Guideline:

  • First, on your computer open any web browser and then go to the site 123.hp.com
  • Next, need to enter your HP Printer model number into the Search box and then hit “Search” tab
  • Afterward, click “Download” button
  • Once the software downloaded in your PC, open HP Easy Start
  • Open the application and follow the prompts for HP Setup with an ease
  • If promoted, select “Continue, Run or Yes” according to the version of your Windows
  • Then, read the agreements and statements carefully and select the check-box to accept the terms and conditions
  • After that, click “Continue” tab
  • Doing so, HP Easy Start detects the printer connected to the network, connected to the computer and in Setup Mode
  • If your printer is not detected, choose the option “My printer is not shown” and then follow the guided troubleshooter to get your printer connected. But if your printer is listed into the given list, select your printer and then click “Continue” tab
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  • After doing so, your printer starts connecting to the same network as your computer is
  • Now, on the printer control panel, if prompted touch the flashing information button
  • After that, read and respond to the on-screen instructions to display the software selection screen
  • Doing so, the current software and driver options for your printer display including the recommended software for your configuration
  • Then, select the “Software and Driver” that best fits your needs and then click “Continue” tab
  • Doing so, the software downloads in your PC and opens automatically
  • If the software doesn’t open automatically, then go to the Download folder and from there open it
  • Next, read and respond to any screens to install the printer software
  • If prompted to choose how to connect your printer, select “Automatic” and then select “Next”
  • Afterward, choose your printer from the list of devices on the network and then click “Next”
  • Now, follow any additionally instructions, and then at the end, click “Finish” tab to complete the installation and start printing with your HP Printer

If facing any kind of difficulties while following the above instructed lines, then feel free to access 123.hp.com/setup link as we have made it very easy and effort-free to download HP Printer software to get the printer set up successfully. You simply need to enter your product name and we will give you the right method for printer setup and software and driver download. However, we support all major desktop and operating systems including Windows, MacOS, iOS, and Android.

How To Print With Windows?

After setting up your HP Printer in Windows, you can start printing anything without any hindrance. If you are a newbie and don’t know the way to print the document, have a glance on below points:

  • First, select the file or document you want to print and then open that file to presently appear on your computer screen
  • Then, press the “Ctrl + P” buttons on your keyboard at the same time
  • Once the printing pop-up menu displays on the computer screen, select the printer you intend to send the job to
    • If the printer is not suitably connected with your computer, get help setting it up through 123.hp.com/setup
    • For wireless HP Printer Setup and connection, get help connecting the printer wirelessly
  • If required, modify your print settings. This step is optional
  • Now, once you select the file and give command to your printer for print, tap the “Print” button on your computer screen to finally send the job into the printer print queue and wait for the job to complete
  • At the end, you will get the high-quality of printed paper in your hand

How To Scan on a Windows Computer?

Printer software is required to start scanning any document. So, you can visit the site 123.hp.com for getting the latest upgraded full feature software and drivers for your printer downloaded and installed in your Windows PC. Now, ready to scan:

  • First load the item on the scanner glass or in the Automatic Document Feeder depending on your printer type and features
  • Now, scan the file and save to the desired destination on computer

Navigate 123.hp.com/setup For HP Printer Support

Access the link 123.hp.com/setup to learn more about HP Printer Setup. We are active round the clock to assist you set up your printer. So, if getting failed in setup your printer, contact us immediately through dialing helpline number. We are happy to satisfy customers!