How to Set Up & Watch Amazon Prime on TV?

Amazon Video is among the significant global rivals of Netflix. It offers plenty of TV shows and movies that you can watch on a device connected to the internet. Amazon spends a huge sum of money on making original TV content. It also allows you to watch sports that are exclusive to the Amazon video platform. So you must have a subscription to access them. If you desire to entertain yourself with the numerous TV programs, you must know how to set up Amazon Prime on TV. In this short post, you’ll find how you can get to watch it on your TV.

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How to Setup Amazon Prime on TV?

There are numerous Amazon video apps for various smart TVs that several manufacturers offer. They consist but are not limited to televisions from Panasonic, Samsung, Sony, and LG. To know how to set up Amazon Prime on a smart TV, you are only required to download the application on your set. After that, open it and input the credentials of your Amazon account. You can easily watch the Prime video on your TV. There are other ways as well to get Amazon Prime on your TV. They include the following.


1. Use Streaming Players

There are various streaming players available, and everyone gives you the capability to play Amazon Prime Video. If your TV does not include Amazon Prime, you can easily add Amazon Prime Video by linking a streaming player to your TV. Amazon also has its own streaming players, each of which has Prime Videos. You can also find Amazon Prime Video on Apple TV and Roku players. There are also some home theatre components with built-in streaming video. With so many devices at your disposal, you must have found an answer to the question, how do I get Amazon prime on my TV?


2. Use the Gaming Console

The Amazon Prime video is compatible with gaming consoles like Xbox One, PS4, and PS3. Every console has a store online, and you can download games and apps, including Amazon Prime Video. To know how I get Amazon Prime on my smart TV through a gaming console like PS3, you can open the PlayStation store. After that, choose ‘Apps’ followed by ‘Movies and TV.’ Locate Prime Video and choose ‘Download.’ If you have PS4, launch ‘TV & Video’ from the ‘XrossMediaBar’ locate Prime Video and choose ‘Download.’ Then choose ‘Start’ to open the app. Xbox One users can launch the ‘Store’ tab from their home screen. Then locate the Prime video and choose the ‘Get’ option. To access the app, select ‘Launch.’


3. Use a Smartphone

You can also use a smartphone to watch your favorite shows. For it, download the Amazon Prime application from the Android or Apple app store. Now you just have to log in to your account, and you are all set.

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Final Words

After reading this article, you must not have any doubts about how to set up Amazon Prime on TV. If you still encounter any issues in setting it up and watching videos, don’t hesitate to connect with hardware setup support. The experts will help you set up your Amazon Prime on TV.


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