How to Setup Apple Wireless Router?

Apple is a highly reputed name in the domain of technological devices. Its AirPort routers come with various functionalities and an aesthetic design. The high-speed router provides excellent performance and is also easy to install. But to use it properly, you must know the Apple router setup process. Well, Apple has made the whole process easy for you with its AirPort Utility program. With it, you can quickly have your wireless network up and running in a matter of a few minutes. In this article, you’ll find the exact steps to follow to set up the Apple router.

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The Process of Apple Router Setup 

You can carry out Apple wireless router setup by either the AirPort Utility in Mac or PPPoE settings. The instructions for both these methods are given below.


1. Using the AirPort Utility

For the correct Apple Wi-Fi router setup, you can use the setup assistant in the AirPort Utility. Using it, you can set up the network and various other features of your AirPort router. Most of the configuration tasks and network setup can be done through the setup assistant in the AirPort Utility on your Mac computer. The steps for the Wi-Fi router setup are mentioned below.

  • Launch the AirPort Utility. For it, go to the ‘Utilities‘ folder in your Mac. You can find this folder in the ‘Applications‘ folder.
  • If applicable, update your AirPort base station. To know if you should update it, look for the red icon. If you see it, it means that there’s a pending software update for the base station.
  • Tap your AirPort base station. After that, click ‘Edit‘ to launch the AirPort settings.
  • Using the ‘Base Station‘ tab, modify the base station name and password. 
  • To modify your DHCP and DNS settings, use the ‘Internet‘ tab.
  • To modify your wireless network settings, utilize the ‘Wireless’ tab.


The different wireless network settings you can change

    1. Network mode – It enables the user to change between creating a wireless network or extending a current one.
    2. Wireless network name – It allows you to modify the name that comes for different devices when they attempt to connect.
    3. Wireless security – You can designate the security mode used by your network. Set it to ‘WPA/WPA2 Personal.’
    4. Wireless password – Through it, you can modify the password for connecting to the network. 
    5. Enable guest network – Through it, you can make a sub-network for guests with restricted functionality and access. You can enter a different password for the guest network.
    6. Wireless options – You can modify the radio mode, country, and wireless channel through it. 
  • To make advanced modifications to your wireless network, use the ‘Network’ tab.


Follow these points carefully for the correct Apple AirPort router setup process.


2. Using the PPPoE Settings

It’s easy to configure the router with PPPoE settings. To know how to set up an Apple router through these settings, follow the steps below.

  • Switch on Apple AirPort and choose it with your wireless connection or plug it in an Ethernet cable from your system. 
  • On your Mac, navigate to ‘Applications‘ and choose ‘Utilities.’
  • Search for ‘AirPort Utility,’ and open it.
  • Choose ‘Manual Setup‘ at the screen’s bottom.
  • At the Apple Utility window’s top, choose ‘Internet.’
  • Next, choose the icon of Internet Connection.
  • Choose ‘PPPoE.’ It will be beside ‘Connect Using.’
    1. Input your NCF ID under ‘Account Name.’
    2. Input your DSL password under ‘Password.’ Input the password again under ‘Verify Password.’
  • For applying these choices, select ‘Update.’


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Final Words

Follow the instructions carefully for a smooth Apple router setup process. If you face any problems, you can seek expert help. The setup professionals will guide you through the entire process so you can use your AirPort router effectively. 


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