Asus Router Setup

A Comprehensive Guide for Asus Router Setup

The Asus router can easily be regarded as an ideal router. The routers offer a lot of features to their users. Those who want to create a robust Wi-Fi zone in their homes will surely not regret setting up this router in their place. With the aid of Asus router setup, you can efficiently turn on guest access control on your house network. It’s a very useful functionality that allows other users to utilize your home network for a while without accessing your network. In this post, you will understand how to set up the Asus router easily and effectively.

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Process to Turn on Guest Access Control Through Asus Router Setup

Enabling guest access control isn’t a very challenging task. Follow these steps.

  1. Launch the web browser on your computer.
  2. In the address bar, input the router IP address
  3. You’ll notice the Asus login popup window. Here, input ‘Admin’ for your username and password.
  4. Navigate to the ‘Guest Network’ screen and click ‘Create.’ A network for your guests will be created.

Next, your network traffic will be assigned between your guest and you. For Asus router setup to configure the priority for bandwidth, adhere to the steps in the next section. It will enable you to manage the network traffic seamlessly.


How to Prioritize Bandwidth?

For prioritizing bandwidth, open the web browser on your laptop or wireless device. Next, click the ‘Traffic Manager’ screen and select the ‘QOS’ tab. To enable the default rule, tap ‘On’ and then input the download and upload bandwidth fields.


Steps for Asus Router Setup with the Setup Wizard

Through the Asus router setup wizard you can get to know the primary router settings. You can gain access to the internet, configure both SSID and password of the wireless network and set up the Asus router password and account. Adhere to the steps for setting the router using the setup wizard.

  1. Link the RJ45 cable from your modem to the Asus router WAN port. 
  2. Now, link another Ethernet cable between the LAN port and PC of the router.
  3. Now, plug your Asus device into the power plug by utilizing the AC adaptor. 
  4. Hit the power button present on the Asus Wi-Fi router to switch it on. 
  5. Ensure that every LED on the Asus router is turned on. 
  6. Open your browser and input ‘’ You will be directed to the QIS page.
  7. Now, on the ‘Welcome’ screen, tap on ‘Create a new network.’
  8. The setup wizard will automatically identify your internet connection type.
  9. Now, give a unique name for the Asus SSID name and make a strong password. 
  10. Now tap ‘Apply’ to complete the setup and configuration. Your Asus Wi-Fi router setup is complete. 


What to Do If You Cannot Log in to the Asus Router through

You can take several steps when you find that you cannot log in to the Asus router through Pay attention to the following points.

  1. Ensure that the Asus router you have has the right WAN connection. 
  2. Link your router to the client device through a wired connection.
  3. See whether your Asus device is plugged in properly to the power plug.
  4. Ensure that your adapter is configured to get IP automatically.
  5. See if your browser is not configured for a proxy server. 
  6. Make use of the default IP address of the Asus router, which is, for accessing the login dashboard of the Asus router.
  7. Disable security applications like Firewall temporarily and clear cookies, caches, and browsing history.
  8. Restart the entire network, which includes your PC, modem, and Asus wireless router.
  9. If nothing works for you, reconfigure the router to factory settings. For it, long-press the button of ‘Reset’ present on the back panel.


Process of Asus Router Setup Using the Asus Router App

You can set up the Asus router through either the manual method or the automatic method. The manual method of the router setup process is through the help of a web browser. The automatic method is done via the Asus router app. To know how to set up the router using the router app, adhere to the instructions given below.

  1. Go over to Google Play Store or Apple Store and search for the Asus router app. You can also scan the QR code for downloading this app. 
  2. Next, connect to the default network of the Asus router. 
  3. Begin the Asus router application. 
  4. Click the option of ‘Setup.’
  5. Tap on ‘Asus router’ and then choose the option of ‘Allow’ to begin the router setup process.
  6. Click the button ‘Start.’
  7. Set your internet type. The internet type is according to the network condition. 
  8. Input the name of the network and password. After that, click ‘Next.’
  9. After you have set up the router, open your home screen. You will find the remote connection popup appearing on it.
  10. Tap ‘OK’ to accept. You can also select ‘Cancel’ for rejecting the network. Now you know how to setup Asus router through one of the easiest ways.


What is the Process of Wireless Asus Router Setup?

Now you will find the basic Asus wireless router setup procedure. The steps consist of the primary wireless setup and the physical connection. You can use the steps for a majority of wireless routers from Asus. But the location of the physical connections can differ according to the model of the router. The steps given below are for the router model ASUS RT-AC68U.

a) You need to connect three cables.

    1. Link an Ethernet cable from the DSL/cable modem to your Asus router’s WAN port. It is labelled like a globe surrounded by a ring. The port is blue.
    2. Link another Ethernet cable from your system to any of the router’s LAN ports that are labelled 1,2,3 and 4. The ports are yellow. 
    3. Now link the power cable to the outlet on the wall and also to the router’s DCIN port. 
    4. After you have connected everything, hit the power button on your router’s back. 

b) After you power on the router, launch a web browser. The setup page of Asus will open automatically. If you don’t find it opening, then input in the address bar and hit ‘Enter.’

c) If you are prompted for router login, type in ‘Admin’ as the username and password. Now tap ‘OK.’

d) You’ll see that the initial setup page has opened. Tap the button of ‘Go.’

e) Input the username and password you want for the router administrator in the relevant boxes. Now tap ‘Next.’ It is suggested that you modify it from the default password and username. It’s because this information is utilized to access the administration Asus router settings. 

f) The router will identify your internet connection. According to your connection type, you may need to input extra details if your Internet Service Provider needs them. In a majority of cases, the router will automatically detect the connection and proceed.

g) Input the relevant SSID or network name and password or network key in their boxes. Tap ‘Apply.’

h) You’ll see a configuration summary appearing, which will show you the new settings. Tap ‘Next.’

i) Next, you’ll see a login prompt. Here you can input the credentials that you typed in earlier. Tap ‘OK.’  

j) You’ll now view the router settings page. Tap ‘Logout’ to log out of the settings.

k) Tap ‘OK’ to log out. Your Asus wireless router setup is complete.


Final Words

After reading the article, you won’t find the process of Asus router setup very complicated. You can turn on guest access control through which users can utilize your home network without accessing your network. Use the setup wizard for setting up your router by following the steps described above. You can also set the router automatically using the Asus router app.

There are also various measures you can take and things you can check if you find yourself unable to log in to the Asus router through In case you get stuck in any part of the process, connect with the expert Asus customer support team.


The Asus router can easily be regarded as an ideal router. The routers offer a lot of features to their users. Those who want to create a robust Wi-Fi zone in their homes will surely not regret setting up this router in their place. With the aid of Asus router setup, you can efficiently turn…

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