Canon printers are the best-designed devices due to their compact build and high durability. However, it often succumbs to issues like Canon printer error b200, which makes it stop working. Frustrating, though, but it can be solved using some simple suggestions.

canon printer error b200


Why Canon Printer Error B200 Occurred?


Canon Printer Error B200 occured

The primary reason for error b200 is a faulty printhead or problematic ink cartridges. The printhead is a crucial section in a printer that takes the ink from cartridges and distributes it throughout the paper in a programmed way. If it doesn’t respond well, then you might come across the printer error b200.

Steps to fix error b200 in Canon printer 

You can quickly troubleshoot your Canon printer as it requires you to use a few simple steps to setup your printer. It is known worldwide for this feature. The number of ink cartridges your printer carries is one aspect that you need to consider while troubleshooting. It comes in two different quantities, such as 2 or more than 4 ink cartridges. Once you clarify this point, the troubleshooting can be done without any hiccups.

If your Canon printer has more than 4 ink cartridges

  1. Firstly, you will have to open the top cover of your Canon printer.
  2. Now the cartridge carrier will automatically lift up from its place.
  3. Now you will have to remove all the cartridges one by one from the slots.
  4. Lift the lever adjacent to the printhead and remove it gently by holding from the sides. You can find the lever just beside the cartridge carrier.
  5. Don’t keep the printed in a dirty place.
  6. Now insert the printhead in its position and press the lever down, ensuring the component is locked.
  7. Also, re-plug the ink cartridges back to their position in the print head and make sure they are not loose.
  8. Now close the door and re-verify it’s not open from any of the ends. Your printer won’t work if the door remained open.
  9. Now your printer can access the ink cartridges and printhead to deliver the printouts.
  10. Additionally, disconnect your printer from the wall socket or docking station so that your printer can cool down and ready to print.
  11. After 10 minutes, reconnect your printer to the wall socket and press the power button
  12. Lastly, you will have to start the cleaning cycle to clear the nozzle pathways as it has a significant role in the occurrence of Canon printer error b200. Once done, you can start printing.

If your Canon printer has 2 ink cartridges

  1. Firstly, you need to turn off your Canon printer.
  2. Now turn your printer on. In this way, you will temporarily fix your printer as the stuck carriage carrier gets free whenever once you do this step. However, you will have to perform a further process to resolve this problem permanently.
  3. In this printer model, you cannot precisely judge which cartridge has succumbed to error. Instead, you will have to recall which cartridge you have replaced the last. Now gently remove that cartridge from the slot.
  4. Also, in this type of printer model be printed is a part of the printer and hence cannot be dismantled. Therefore to resolve the problem, you will have to do experiments with cartridge only. Either replace the cartridge with the previous version or install a new one.
  5. You need to perform an extensive cleaning cycle or nozzle check once you have replaced the problematic cottage. In that way, you can determine whether the troubled carriage cartridge is replaced in the printer or not.
  6. As this Canon printer model has two cartridges, replacing both of them, one-by-one should resolve the error b200. If you still face a challenge, then you should consider contacting the printer technicians.

Contact the Canon printer service and support  

Canon printer service and support

Hopefully, you resolved the Canon printer error b200 using these steps. Whether you have printer MX 850 or any other Canon printer model, you can eliminate the issues using these steps.

A faulty printer is a reason not only for error b200 but also for other printer errors. If you think it’s tough for you to eliminate the error, get instant help from the Canon printer support technicians. They are ready 24/7 to help you come out of any situation and eliminate the error.


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