Brother Wireless Printer Setup

Easy Steps To Perform Brother Wireless Printer Setup

Undoubtedly, the Brother printer comes with everything to take your printing experience to the next level. It plays a significant role to make your printing effortless and top-notch. The users of Brother printer show immense trust in its constantly improving technology. The quality of the powerful Brother printer offers both results and surety to customers. If you own a Brother printer for your home or office, you might not be aware of the advantages of brother wireless printer setup. That’s why we are here to provide you with some of the advantages in short: 


Benefits Of Brother Wireless Printer Setup

1. High-quality Printing

Brother printer is known worldwide for being the epitome of quality printing. It offers the best quality printer available in the market. Some of its models are most recommended for graphic designers, a profession where quality is supreme. 

The Brother printer can work with all the compatible cartridges, but you will get the best possible results when you use the Brother toner, as the Brother products are designed to work well together to produce optimal prints. 


2. Integrated Feature

Many models of Brother printers also work as a scanner and a fax machine. It means you can do everything with one machine and save your cost plus space. 


3. Wireless and Cloud-based Printing

With Brother printer, you can opt for Brother printer wireless setup for printing so you can scan from other devices like tablets or your smartphone and send the files directly to your linked printer. The Brother wireless printer setup allows you to work with fewer wires which makes the work more convenient and effortless. 


4. Easy Installation and Use

When compared to other printers, Brother printer setup is easier. Anyone with no experience and skills in technology can set it up and use it. It comes with an easy-to-use interface and manuals, the staff of any entity can catch up with a new system in no time. 

Brother printer offers free assistance to its users till two weeks of purchase. So you can talk about the installation process with experts, in case you face any complications. 


5. Best Driver

The company has a download page especially for their drivers and offers the best available driver software to operate the printer. The page of the drivers is regularly updated and if your driver has a new update, the process is so simple. Download manuals for all the models available on the page in case you have lost your instruction manual. 


6. High Printing Rate

If you are someone who doesn’t want to wait for long to finish the printing, a brother printer setup would be best for you. Brother printer offers you a fast printing rate along with high speed without compromising on the quality of your prints. 

If you have huge printing needs,  Brother printers can offer hundreds of print jobs without having to change the toner. 


7. Company with Reputation

At the time of purchasing office equipment, you need to ensure that the after-sale service is of high quality. Brother has a solid global network. It has been manufacturing the products for almost 60 years so it is the brand you can trust on. Brother customer service is easy to access and convenient.


Steps For Brother Printer Wireless Setup

Brother printer wireless setup is effortless even if the Wi-Fi connection is involved. But it needs to be configured to catch up with the office and home environment. 

  1. First of all, you need to take it out from the box and plug it into the electrical outlets. Now pick the AC power cord and connect the brother printer to Wi-Fi and turn on the device. 
  2. Access your system with your administrator credentials and abort all the programs running in the background. 
  3. Disable your antivirus till the completion of the software setup. 
  4. The CD you have got with the documents, use that to initiate the process. 
  5. You need to choose your Printer to connect the network. Now choose your preferred language. 
  6. Now press the Menu button on the printer’s control panel and then select the Network and tap OK. 
  7. Then, now on the next screen, select WLAN and tap OK. Next, select the setup wizard and click OK. 0n the upcoming screen select YES to enable WLAN. It will start the setup Wizard. 
  8. Now enter the network key then tap OK to apply the settings. 


Install The Software For Brother Printer Wireless Setup

For windows

Go to the Official website of Brother printer and sign up if you are not an existing user, otherwise sign with your details. 

Now go to the download section and download the full software page. Now follow the download instructions to complete the process. 


Setup Brother Printer WIFI Using WLAN

If you are wondering how to connect the Setup Brother printer to wifi, you have landed on the right page. Don’t need to worry. All you need to do is perform a few simple steps to complete the task. 

  1. First, examine the base or side of the wireless router. Now go thoroughly through the documentation and find the information linked to the network name and password on the wireless router. 
  2. Then set up Brother printers by locating the power cord and connect it to your Brother printer machine. Now connect it to an electronic socket and power it on. 
  3. Now on the control panel, you need to tap on the menu button. 
  4. Select the network using the up and down keys. 
  5. Choose the WLAN and press OK. 
  6. Now select the setup wizard and then press YES to start the WLAN setup wizard. Here you will see a list of available networks that are within the range of your machine.  
  7. Choose your preferred network on the list. After that click OK. 
  8. Depending upon the type of authentication method which you have set up, you need to perform an action. You can either set up an open system authentication method. Unlock the profile, enter the key and press OK and then click Yes to save the changes. Now proceed to the next step. 
  9. The printer will begin the process of connecting your selected network. If it gets connected successfully, a message will indicate the same will appear on the screen, 


To Sum Up

Once you go through these steps, you will be able to Brother wifi printer setup successfully. If you face any kind of issues while performing the steps, connect to our printer support service and resolve your queries with our experts.

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